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e-ffective, e-fficient e-Learning

Jane MacKenzie provides training to instructional designers and e-learning course developers and teams on how to design training and particularly e-Learning courses.

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Design Document - a sample e-Learning Design Document
e-Learning Process flow
e-Learning Process flow showing signoffs
e-Learning: When and Why - an article discussing the factors to consider when deciding whether to deliver training via e-Learning
How to Put on a Webinar - an article, written for a professional organization, on how to put on a webinar
ID Bibliography - a bibliography of basic references for instructional designers
Interaction Flowchart - a sample flowchart for one type of knowledge check or e-Learning interaction
Kickoff Meeting Agenda - a sample agenda for an e-Learning project agenda
Recruiting Volunteers - an article, written for a professional organization, on how to recruit volunteers
Sample Project Schedule - a sample schedule for an e-Learning project
Sample Status Report - a sample status report for a training development projevt
Standards Document - a sample standards document for an e-Learning course
Tools and Design - an article, written for a professional organization, giving considerations on the relative merits and driving factors of choosing an e-Learning authoring tool
WSJ Reply - a response to an Wall Street Journal article discussing e-Learning